Connecting Community Speaker Series

9/10/2020 9:37 am

To help families manage during these difficult times, the Thirty-Third District PTA has developed the Connecting Community Speaker Series - Workshops and Conversations Supporting Mental Health. We bring together subject matter experts on a wide range of topics to share strategies for coping with stress, change and uncertainty.
Fall Schedule:
Sept 15 - Supporting Your Child During Distance Learning
Sept 29 - Strategies for Dealing with Stress and Anxiety During Distance Learning
Oct 7 - Creative Connection: Managing Grief, Loss and Separation
Oct 20 - Conversations with High School Parents
Nov 3 - Strategies and Tips During the College Admissions Process
Nov 17 - Conversations about Equity
Dec 1 - Connecting with Mindfulness
All sessions begin at 7pm.
Questions? Contact Beth Meyerhoff, 33rd District PTA VP Community Concerns at
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Welcome Back!

8/31/2020 9:32 pm

To all returning and new Los Cerritos families -

the PTA wishes you a wonderful first day and first week of classes!

Stay tuned for our first PTA newsletter of the year - set to send at noon, Tuesday, 9/1/20. 


To sign up for our email list:


Let's make 2020-2021 a great year!

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8/6/2020 8:41 pm

Hello Los Cerritos Families,


We know that many of you have questions and concerns about Enrollment and the start of the school year. There is a lot of information coming that we want to make sure you are aware of.


First off, our new Principal Liseeth Ramos will be hosting several parent information zoom meetings where she will be answering questions about enrollment that is specific to Los Cerritos. She will send out a message through school messenger when those zoom links are available. We will also share it here.

If you missed the latest email from the District, click here and read the Frequently Asked Questions section about Program Choices. 


On Wednesday, August 5th, the LBUSD Board of Education held a meeting where they gave a lengthy presentation on opening schools. The meeting was very long but if you fast forward to the 2h10min mark you will see the presentation about Elementary Schools. If you want to see the presentation about supporting students with IEPs fast forward to the 4h20min mark. 




To view the Board Meeting in Spanish click here.

Stay safe Los Cerritos!



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Enrollment Options and Questions PTA Chat Board

8/3/2020 12:53 pm


Hello Los Cerritos Community,


For those of you that don't know me, I am the newly elected PTA president. One of the major initiatives of the PTA is to advocate for all children, and there has never been a more important time to advocate than now. The Los Cerritos PTA Executive Board is committed to continuing to advocate for and support the kids and also try to get your questions answered during these uncertain times.



The email sent out by the district last night requiring re-enrollment by Aug. 7, raised more questions than it answered. The PTA has created a chat board on the Pta website. You must be logged into the website to post on the chat board. Please post your questions and I will send them off to our local administration to try to get answers. 





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20-21 Enrollment Options from ParentVue

8/3/2020 10:55 am

For those of you that have not been able to get into parentvue, here is the information for the different enrollment options. 

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A Message of Farewell from Ms. Gamboa

7/23/2020 6:47 pm

Dear Los Cerritos Families,

Today I’m writing to let you know that on Monday 7/20/20 the Long Beach Board of Education announced that I will be transferring to another school in Long Beach and I will no longer be your Principal at Los Cerritos. Although new beginnings are exciting, the element of the unknown can be difficult, especially during times such as these. I want you to know that I’ll be working on plans to virtually connect with our Los Cerritos students and to wish them well. I will also work closely and diligently with the new principal, Liseeth Ramos, to make sure this transition goes as smoothly as possible for our community. I’m excited for you to get to know Mrs. Ramos because she and I have been close friends and colleagues for almost 20 years. We taught together and collaborated constantly for nine years, we raised our boys together, and even worked on our certifications in Educational Administration together through CSUDH and LBUSD a little over ten years ago. Mrs. Ramos is such a strong, experienced leader, a huge advocate for students, and she has an amazing heart. I have complete confidence that she’ll take good care of our school. Although I’ll miss you terribly, I know you’ll be in good hands. 


Because I’m, frankly, terrible at goodbyes and I still care deeply for you all, I’ll sign off today by saying that I hope to see you soon. I hope to bump into you at Steelcraft, at the supermarket, or at a school fundraiser someday in the future. Until then I will daydream about those chance encounters and future events, and I will look forward to hearing about all the amazing things that students will accomplish in the upcoming years. 


Los Cerritos is in our hearts, and you’ll always be in mine. 

Thank you for everything. 

With love,
Alissa Gamboa



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5th Grade Virtual Promotion Ceremony 2020

6/11/2020 5:12 pm

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National PTA Statement on Racial Inequity and Injustice in America

6/2/2020 3:41 pm

Media Contact

Heidi May Wilson, Senior Manager, Media Relations

ALEXANDRIA, Va., (June 2, 2020)—The following statement can be attributed to National PTA President Leslie Boggs and National PTA Executive Director Nathan R. Monell, CAE:


“National PTA condemns the inequitable and brutal treatment of all African Americans in this country. No human being should be subject to what we saw happen to George Floyd last week. Millions of people are outraged by the killing of another unarmed black man, and like so many Americans, we mourn the recent deaths of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and other African Americans who died, unable to achieve their full potential in life.


“This ongoing problem of unequal justice has led to protests across this country and continues to have a profound effect on African Americans and communities of color, who feel hurt, frustrated, angry and afraid. Our nation must do better, and PTA stands with those who peacefully seek to inspire meaningful change.


“While we understand significant reforms are needed to create lasting change that will end the systemic discrimination and injustices that have existed for far too long, PTA has a rich legacy in coming together to help solve the toughest problems facing our children and families. PTA can help lead the way with our collective voice.


“For over 120 years, PTA has been the conscience of this country, speaking on behalf of our nation’s most valuable and vulnerable resourceā —our children. This year, as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the unification of the National Parent Teacher Association and the National Congress of Colored Parents and Teachers, we recognize we are experiencing times that mirror why the unification was necessary. It is imperative that we remain united and supportive during this difficult time.


“Our transcendent goal has always been to change the lives of children for the better and we will continue to ensure our society values and protects every child. We encourage PTA members and all concerned citizens to speak out and demand that every child be afforded the opportunity to make their potential a reality. Together, we can move above and beyond the perceived division of our diverse experiences and build a shared experience—the experience of working together as human beings, intent on building a better nation and world for our children’s future.”


Original Statement Published HERE. 


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Roadrunners Helping the Community!

5/19/2020 4:47 pm

Thank you to Stephanie and Nikki Boggs (5th Grade) for collecting notes of support to deliver to the staff and senior residents at the Bixby Towers! 



If you didn't have a chance to drop off a letter today -

you can still mail letters (and/or homemade masks) to the facility directly addressed to

Activity Director: Letters to Residents.

Bixby Towers

3737 Atlantic Ave, Long Beach, CA 90807

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Los Cerritos Teachers and staff still MISS YOU!

5/18/2020 10:22 am

Check out the latest Teacher and staff Miss You video. 




Watch this very special message from Mrs. Tsai!



Check out this awesome video from Mr. Zapata!



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